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void* av_mallocz ( unsigned int  size  ) 

Allocates a block of size bytes with alignment suitable for all memory accesses (including vectors if available on the CPU) and zeroes all the bytes of the block.

size Size in bytes for the memory block to be allocated.
Pointer to the allocated block, NULL if it cannot be allocated.
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Definition at line 140 of file mem.c.

References av_malloc().

Referenced by atrac3_decode_init(), av_audio_resample_init(), av_find_stream_info(), av_new_stream(), av_open_input_stream(), av_resample_init(), av_set_parameters(), av_write_header(), avcodec_open(), cook_decode_init(), ff_cavs_init_top_lines(), ff_dirac_schro_queue_push_back(), ff_h264_decode_picture_parameter_set(), ff_h264_decode_seq_parameter_set(), ff_iir_filter_init_state(), ff_interleave_add_packet(), ff_intrax8_common_init(), ff_new_chapter(), ff_rdt_parse_open(), ff_rv34_decode_init(), output_configure(), rl2_decode_init(), rl2_read_header(), rtp_open(), smacker_decode_header_tree(), smka_decode_frame(), sws_getContext(), url_fdopen(), vc1_decode_frame(), and vc1_decode_init().

    void *ptr = av_malloc(size);
    if (ptr)
        memset(ptr, 0, size);
    return ptr;

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