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struct SwsContext* sws_getCachedContext ( struct SwsContext *  context,
int  srcW,
int  srcH,
enum PixelFormat  srcFormat,
int  dstW,
int  dstH,
enum PixelFormat  dstFormat,
int  flags,
SwsFilter *  srcFilter,
SwsFilter *  dstFilter,
double *  param 
) [read]

Checks if context can be reused, otherwise reallocates a new one.

If context is NULL, just calls sws_getContext() to get a new context. Otherwise, checks if the parameters are the ones already saved in context. If that is the case, returns the current context. Otherwise, frees context and gets a new context with the new parameters.

Be warned that srcFilter and dstFilter are not checked, they are assumed to remain the same.

Definition at line 3169 of file swscale.c.

    static const double default_param[2] = {SWS_PARAM_DEFAULT, SWS_PARAM_DEFAULT};

    if (!param)
        param = default_param;

    if (context) {
        if (context->srcW != srcW || context->srcH != srcH ||
            context->srcFormat != srcFormat ||
            context->dstW != dstW || context->dstH != dstH ||
            context->dstFormat != dstFormat || context->flags != flags ||
            context->param[0] != param[0] || context->param[1] != param[1])
            context = NULL;
    if (!context) {
        return sws_getContext(srcW, srcH, srcFormat,
                              dstW, dstH, dstFormat, flags,
                              srcFilter, dstFilter, param);
    return context;

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